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Crop removal

Removing Old Crops

Removal of old crops is done by machines. Crops are being transported to the Biochopper on the transport mats. We can work with the mats provided by the ordering party or supply our own 2-3 days before the scheduled chopping. Each roll of material has a set, marked length to, enabling us to select and deliver a perfect for Your growing aisle. We also offer leaves and substrate (rock wool, cocopeat etc.) removal.

We have at our disposal several biochoppers of different size and power that will fit inside almost all types of greenhouses. Depending on chosen machine and other conditions we can clean area form 2ha up to 10ha a day. Chopped biomass, with strings and clips, is transported with our loaders outside of the greenhouse and loaded onto the containers or pilled up in the agreed location nearby. It's Is crucial for the timely service delivery to prepare crop so it doesn’t contain any metal fragments (hooks, support arches, wires).

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